Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speed Paint - Your Own Horoscope

Story store only in the memory of MSN. =D It was good fun having passionate artist cuddle together draw something together. =D

1. Ah Sun's
2. Terrence's
3. Yeen Yee's
4. Richard's
5. Yao Wei's
6. Ranny's DG75
7. Ah Wong's IL65
8. Danny's DG68

Capricorn by Richard

Richard's one, he don't have a deviantart that why it appear to be here

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Speed Paint - Shadow Creature

Speed Painting Shadow Creature is officially published! Even though few artist have gotten cold feet and fleet to the dreamland of their own. Despite the mass betrayal on their own kind, the rest of the speed painter devote their creative mind of golden one hour in painting and...chatting.

Tittle: Shadow Creature
Objective: Make use of nice Silhouette shape to create a good artwork
Duration: 1hr

Artist: Ran Dice
Shadow Puppeteer
Refine Version: here

Artist: Fallencypt
Tormented Shadow
Deviantart: here

Artist: Jojo
Shadow Monster
Deviantart: here

Artist: Eppie
Shadow Monster
Deviantart: yet to find

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hailam on Newground!

Omg! our classmate Hailam one day declared to me that he was about to published a game! He show it to me the original file. and I was petrified. Flash game? wtf? DG student completed a flash game? isn't suppose to be Multimedia Student's work? And... the tragic truth is, the game quality and script complexity has surpassed any MM student's game ever exist in TOA from the ancient to the present.

Monster kill! xD

As the game is already poliferated among the internet....Behold!

Spare No Evil:

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------from Newgrounds

Hey. This is a game that spawned off a little flipbook animation I made a while ago.
It's a top-down shooter much inspired by RE 4, with upgradable weapons, melee attacks, numerous enemies and boss characters.

The controls are customizable:

- Use the W A S D keys to move the character, the mouse to aim and shoot.

- When you run out of 'ammo', you would have to reach any one of the predefined 'stations' to refill ammo. In each level, you have least one of these areas.

- In addition to the ammo in your gun, you have a backpack reserve which can be used to reload your gun(s). This is also refilled when you reach a station.

- You use the Q key to throw snowballs at enemies.

- You use the E key to kick enemies and knock them to the ground.

- You use the Spacebar to make dive rolls in any direction to avoid attacks.

- Upgrade your weapons, and buy new ones by trading 'Silver crystals' that the enemies drop.

- Take 'Eco crystals' to heal.

Try using IE if it runs too slow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Corel Pervailed

Jeng jeng jeng! Concept art pro ass revived! Richard finally shifted his temptation from DOTA to Painter. 11thNovermeber he reveal the "first blood" after the disappearace of few misterious month. Now, Jr. Richard is back with the iconic short hair girl to rule the cg world! With the power of the painter, most of the photoshoper has no match against his corel painter x. "R" he said, before he flew his pen upon the wacom, and accomplished this piece of speed paint with against Y.W.
Noo!!!! Photoshop will never lose! Y.W. cried out and make a vow to the rainbow far above the cloud. "I shall avenge that Corel Bastard!" he said. He know he's the choosen one to represend adobe and defeat the corel villian....


Friday, November 7, 2008

Speed Paint - Online Avatar

9th Nov, TOA suddently gathered a troops of elite painters in TOA online. Of course, with a few cabut (flee) away, most of them come with unlimited inspiration to do some speed paint. speed paint last about 1 and the half hours... and all the style have one similarity later on I realized.

In some university research argue that, artist in general, have a very unbalanced brain development. Contrast to methmatician, artist right brain brain cells' development ability are significantly outnumbered the left. As you can see... all of our painting balancing is all tilted left. =D gg!


Ah Wong


Ze Liang

Ah Ken


Checky out and chill out~!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wacom Contest

Yeash! xyzbotany hereby challenge you to join the Wacom's art competition. Let's unleash your full potential! and here is the chance: xyzbotany officially challenge you to join Wacom concept art contest on

Deadline: 30th Sept, 2008

Tittle 1:
The future is uncertain, unknown, uncomfortable. And yet, we dream. We dream of infinite possibilities for the future, and wonder at the infinite visions described in art and literature. What is your vision of the future?

Tittle 2:
The future is uncertain, unknown, uncomfortable. And yet, we dream. We dream of infinite possibilities for the future, and wonder at the infinite visions described in art and literature. What is your vision of the future?

The winner will be rewarded: a. Intuos3(A4) for 1st place
b. Intuos3 for(A5) 2nd place

Entry guidelines:

Media: JPG, GIF, PNG files
Resolution / size: 72dpi / Max 1MB
Dimension: Flexible but submitted artwork will be automatically scaled to a width of 450 pixels